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The Women's Room - In Pieces

A show for women everywhere and the people who love them

In their new show, The Women’s Room – In Pieces Trish Hurley & Jacquelyn Richards explore the most diabolically entertaining parts of their lives using comedy. Nothing is off limits as they reflect on what it is to be human in the 21st century through relatable examinations of life paired with “razor sharp wit and, at times, jaw dropping observations” (Her Canberra).

Over the past few years, Trish and Jacqui have won a legion of new comedy fans by giving an hilarious voice to older women everywhere, who have technically always had a voice, despite no one being bothered to listen. Following two sell out seasons at the Canberra Comedy Festival with their show The Women’s Room, both Trish and Jacqui made it through to the RAW Comedy Grand Final in Melbourne. Jacqui took home the prize for National Runner Up.

In their debut season in the Sydney Fringe Festival at the Factory Theatre, The Women’s Room was nominated for Best in Comedy 2023.

Jacqui Richards is an ex-therapist and a tired mother of five who doesn't know how she got here.

She has been described as deliciously dark, turning tales of woe to wonderfully funny observations. Her gut-busting comedy always takes her audiences by surprise. Jacqui’s husband passed away during COVID which had the odd consequence of turning her into a dark party planner. Nothing like a 20 person limit on a funeral guest list to help you uncover a new talent. Unfortunately, Jacqui later experienced things from the other side, when she was culled from her ‘grief group’s’ guest list.

'Where there’s a cliché, there’s a gag to undermine it, and Richards finds plenty.' Chortle (UK)

Trish Hurley is a country girl, mother, ex-nurse and self-confessed hypochondriac who has a habit of diagnosing her friends with obscure illnesses. Trish spends a lot of time and energy worrying about diseases she doesn't have and ignoring the ones she does. Although Trish says she peaked in primary school, she is the life of every party, even ones she hasn’t been invited to. She is a gifted storyteller with the most infectious laugh that will have you questioning whether any of what she is saying could possibly be true (it is, unfortunately).

Both Trish and Jacqui think they are the better comedian. These accidental best friends show the power of humour and female friendships at any stage of life. By the end of the show you will be begging them to be your best friend too (they will probably say yes).

This show is for women everywhere and the people who love them.

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